Comic 206 - Page 199
17th Feb 2019, 9:37 AM
Page 199
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Siren (Guest) edit delete reply
And now she's sorry and she's going to fix it. Or help Ephraim fix it - maybe it takes more than one mage, I don't know.

That was kind of mean of her to curse the kid too. The dad deserved what he got, but those scenes with liitle Alexander were pretty heartbreaking.
MistressMorbid edit delete reply
I don't think she meant to curse Alexander persay... I think it was more along the lines of... Cursing the King's.. Lineage.

Think of it like a rule or punishment. A rule/punishment can be implemented when there's bad behavior in order to get that to stop right? It's only when the bad behavior is stopped, that the rule/punishment get's lifted. The King was a jerk. The curse was put in play because he was one. Alexander proved he was different.